1 1/2" Soft Leather Belts - strong and durable


My soft leather belts are comfy soft, but they are not delicate. I handcraft them to last for years, not months. Because my soft American leather is drum died through it is not prone to scuffing like most store bought belts. I wrap this soft tanned cowhide around a strong oak tanned leather core giving me the strength of the one tannage and the buttery soft feel and color selection of the other. This takes advantage of the best qualities of both leathers. These are the most comfortable belts that I have ever made. I dare say that you won't find this kind of quality in any store.

Select color and buckle metal: solid brass (SB) or solid brass/nickel (N) from the drop down box.

For a perfect fit, measure a belt that you are currently wearing as follows:
1. put the belt on and tighten it to whatever hole it fits comfortably in.
2. take note which hole it fits in before taking it off
3. measure from that hole where it fit comfortably to the tip of the buckle tongue.

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